Log into the Free Wifi:

Search for your wifi network on mobile or desktop network

1) Turn on WIFI or open your WIFI settings
2) Select “Riverbend RV Park – Free”
Tick box to connect automatically
4) Click connect & you should now be able to access the WiFi

Connect to the internet via
ethernet connection:

You will need to purchase your own ethernet cable & router. These should be available at any electronics store. (ex. Wal-mart, Best buy, Fry’s Electronics)

1) You will need an ethernet cable (25-50 ft recommended) to reach from the box outside into your RV (optional) You will need to purchase your own router. This will allow you to emit wi-fi signal throughout your rv.

2) There is a box outside between the cable box & your electric meter. On the underside of that box there is a port for your ethernet cable.

3) Connect your ethernet cable to the box outside & bring the other end into your RV.

4) You may then connect the ethernet cable directly into your device (if it has an ethernet port) or into a router of your choosing.

Directly connecting your device: Once you plug the ethernet cable into your device, you should have access to the internet immediately. There is no need to sign in. Your speeds are set by our tech team.

For Routers: Follow the instructions provided with your router to set up the wi-fi.